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I hope to use the product over the next few days. I looks as though it will be very effective in producing a very sharp blade. It appears to be a solid concept followed by excellent, clean engineering. Will update review if I find it less than a stellar product. Otherwise, I will initially give it a 5 star rating.

Beautifully design, meticulously built…love it!

Beautifully made. Already one of my favorite tools. Perfect for my tool bags.

HP-8 Mini Block Plane
W.A. (Bristol, US)
Nice, Sharp

The mini block plane is sharp enough to use straight out of the box. I flattened a piece of walnut on the face grain. This little block plane did a fantastic job. I havent used the depth skids yet. But im sure they will work perfectly. Awesome little plane

HP-12 Dual Angle Bench Plane
S.G. (Lakeville, US)

Outstanding quality

HP-8 Mini Block Plane
J.S. (South Yarmouth, US)

feels great in the hand
very sharp
ready right out of the box
awesome packaging

DS-6v2 Double Square
T.D. (Austin, US)
Very Nice Tool

Beautiful work on a versatile tool. My favorite already

CS-3 CenterScribe
P.N. (Amesbury, US)
Another gem from Bridge City

The simplicity of the tool is what makes it immediately useful. I had no trouble scribing centers and scribing off-center. Flawlessly smooth operation. I also very much appreciated the 45 degree try square. Free-bee. That’s what I call great customer service that will make me come back for more purchases.

Great tool!

It’s a beautiful tool looks better than on website. Everything they make is a piece of art, use often and also display when not using.

Multi Tools MT-1/ MT-2

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is a sweet little gem of a tool that simply exudes a very high level of functional design, precise manufacture, and excellent fit and finish.

Monitor the cost over time as prices can vary significantly. I got mine at less than $70 - but add on tax & nominal shipping charge.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the level of sharpness of the iron out-of-the-box, sharpened with a primary and secondary bevel. First cut on scrap pine gave me full-width shavings of a couple of thousands thick. Crazy! Once I properly sharpen & tune it up, it ought to be fabulous.

I have yet to try the adjustable side shoes to plane a strip to a precise thickness, but it ought to work just fine.

Great Product

Great product as I suspected.

The tool is as much art as it is practical. It is easy to use. The addition of the dovetail template’s is a real plus d a time saver.

HP-8 Mini Block Plane
M. (Bel Air, US)
The plane I always wanted!

From the first time I visited Bridge City's website, I knew I wanted it all. But the tool I needed, but found most difficult to find, was a good mini block plane. It's the perfect size for shaping guitar braces, chamfering, rounding edges and all the little things that make a big difference. The quality is top notch. It is the first cutting tool I've purchased that was ready to use right out of the box, an dit cuts like a dream. This is one of the best purchases I could have made.

Awesome product and excellent customer service.

Well made plane very happy with the purchase!

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty.
I love these tools. The mini block is great for easing edges. It fits the hand well and is infinitely adjustable. I also have the honing guide and have used it quite extensively. It’s solid and adjustable to most blades. I have no complaints on any of these. I wish it were a little more affordable but quality is expensive.

Love my little square. Is way more useful than I imagined.

The best.

Like all Bridge City Tools, this square is exceptionally well designed and well made. The caliber of quality, especially in relation to its price, is in a league by itself. And Bridge City is always at the cutting edge for both design and ergonomics. It’s as accurate as my machinist square costing twice as much. My advice is to buy any tool made by Bridge City any time you can, as they are heirlooms that you can use your entire life.

PP-1 Leads and Blanks Kit
G.Z. (Greenwood, US)

Quick delivery


Incredibly beautiful tools I first ordered the Sapphire Blue one. I have now ordered the other two, it may be a little over the top but, woodworkers do love shiny tools. The fact that they are feature-rich and great to work with, you'll be reaching for them all the time.

MMS-1 Mini Miter Square
R.J. (Miami, US)

MMS-1 Mini Miter Square

UG-1 Universal Gauge
B.M. (Bruceton Mills, US)
Seems accurate.

Arrived well packaged and protected. Nice lined box suitable for gift giving. Markings of protractor are spot-on, used magnifying glass to attempt to find any flaws (could not). Although made in China, it has all the qualities (fit/finish) of my other Bridge City Tools.

HP-8 Mini Block Plane
H. (Knoxville, US)
My new toy.!!

I love it.! Great little detail plane , thank you for your great products..!