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CSMv2 Chopstick Master Gen. 2


Chopstick Master Gen.2

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G. (Stillwater, US)
So much fun!

The Chopstick Master Gen 2 is so much fun to use. Well made and easy to use. My friends are excited to get their own custom chopsticks!

R.R. (San Diego, US)

CSMv2 Chopstick Master Gen. 2

M.T. (Denver, US)
Perfect for High School Woodworking Programs!

What a great tool. I can’t wait to try it out with my students. It makes a perfect 1 class project and is a great intro to the joy of using quality hand tools.

g. (Putney, US)
Everyone is getting chopsticks for Christmas!

I used a Chopstick Master at our local makerspace and had so much fun I decided to purchase one for myself. It is so easy to use. It will be nice to have on hand in my own shop for something to do with my grandsons when they come to visit. My husband even got into the act and made a pair. Lots of fun to decorate. I've used a Glowforge to put a small design on the end of a couple of pairs, others I've just used nail polish to color the beveled ends making pairs easy to grab. Great way to use up odds and ends of wood in the shop. So far, purple heart and splated wood are my favorite.