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HPI-12 Dual Edge Plane Iron 42/47 (For the HP-12 Bench Plane)

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Replacement Iron for HP-12 Dual Angle Bench Plane


This robust replacement iron for the HP-12 is made of A2 tool steel and hardened to Rc60-62.  It is 0.225" (5.7mm) thick and a full two inches wide (50.8mm).  It is ground to 30 Degrees with a 5 Degree micro-bevel on one end and to 25 Degrees with a 5 Degree micro-bevel on the other end.  Mounted in the HP-9v2 with its 12 Degree bed, the result is a 47 Degree bevel for normal planing and a 42 Degree for end grain.

The bottom of the iron is lapped to a mirror finish (RMS .5 or better) and requires no further work by you to flatten it.