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Japanese Saw Folding Replacement Blades

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Japanese Saw Folding Replacement Blades

JSF-1E Folding Dozuki Saw Blade : is an ideal joint cutting back saw blade. Maximum cutting depth of 2.1"; Blade Length: 9"; 28 tpi; kerf .020


JSF-2E Folding Kataba Saw Blade: ideal when you need cuts deeper than possible with a Dozuki. Perfect for Tenons and larger dovetails. Excellent for furniture making. 20 tpi; Blade length: 9"; Blade thickness: 0.46mm


JSF-3E Folding Ryoba Saw Blade:  Perfect for furniture or cabinetmakers. Crosscut Teeth on one edge and Rip Teeth on the opposite edge. Crosscut Teeth: 15 tpi; Rip Saw Teeth: 8 tpi; Blade Thickness 0.49mm.