Customer Loyalty System Policy

Effective Date: [Date]

1.Enrollment and Membership: 

1.1  Membership in our customer loyalty system is open to all eligible customers who meet the enrollment criteria, as determined by Bridge City Tool Works.

1.2  Customers can enroll in the loyalty system by signing up on our website or mobile app.

1.3  Each customer is allowed only one loyalty account. Accounts are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other customer accounts.

1.4  Membership tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

2.Points Earning: 

Customers can earn points through various activities, including but not limited to:

2.1  Registration: receive 2000 points by registering on our website/ mobile app and joining the Customer Loyalty System.

2.2  Making qualifying purchases: points can be earned on eligible products or services purchased from the company, excluding any non-qualifying items or transactions. For every US dollar spent, customers will earn 10 points. Points will be credited to the customer's account upon completion of each eligible transaction.

2.3 Following Social medias: Earn 500 points by following Bridge City Tools social medias (Facebook and Instagram) and earn 200 points on TikTok at the first time. After unfollowing a social media account, re-following with the same account does not earn points again.

2.4 Social media engagement: customer can earn points by sharing relevant links on social media (Facebook) . Each sharing will earn 10 points with a daily limit of 3 sharing.

2.5 Forward points: Forward the specified link or content to friends and earn 50 points.

2.6 Link-visiting points: Visit the relevant links to earn 15 points.

2.7 Bonus points: may be offered periodically on certain promotional items, events, or during specific campaigns.

3.Point Expiration and Reversals:

3.1 Points Expiration: Unless otherwise specified, the points will expire 6 months from the date of customer’s latest points activity (including but not limited to earning and using your points). The expiry period can extend with activity.

3.2 Point Reversals: We will reverse the points customer have earned on any refunded or cancelled purchases.

4.Points Redeeming

Customers have the option to redeem their earned points for various rewards, such as: discount vouchers, free merchandise, and exclusive experiences.

4.1 Point item types:

Discount vouchers: Points can be exchanged for discount vouchers that can be applied to future purchases.

Free merchandise: Customers may have the opportunity to redeem their points for specific products designated by Bridge City Tool Works.

Exclusive experiences: Premium members or customers who have accumulated a certain number of points may be eligible for special experiences or access to exclusive events.

4.2 Substitutions and Expiration: 

Point Items are available while supplies last and substitutions may occur. 

Point Items will expire in accordance with the terms and conditions of their issuance.

Point Items gotten from using points may not be returned, replaced, exchanged, or refunded.


The redemption options available, including the number of points required for each reward, will be clearly communicated in system materials on the website, or through the mobile app. 

Discount vouchers obtained through points redemption cannot be combined with other order discount coupons, but they can be combined with product-specific discount coupons. Product-specific discount coupons for the same product cannot be stacked for use.

Once points have been redeemed, the redemption cannot be revoked or reversed.

5.Privacy and Data Protection:

The company is committed to safeguarding member information and adhering to applicable data privacy laws.

Member data collected during the loyalty system registration and activity tracking process should be handled in accordance with the company's privacy policy.

6.system Abuse and Fraud:

Membership in the loyalty system is subject to fair usage guidelines.

Any fraudulent activities, including but not limited to unauthorized point accumulation, redemption, or any other illicit behavior, may result in the termination of a member's account and forfeiture of all accumulated points.

7.system Changes and Modifications: 

Bridge City Tool Works reserves the right to modify or terminate the loyalty system, including the points earning and redemption structure, expiration policies, and rewards catalog.