The actual cut is razor crisp, consistently clean, readable mark in all woods and is comparable to a knife slice. To use the tool, simply set the cutter distance from the fence by using your pocket rule (of course we are partial to our SR-6 Pocket Rule...). The handiest feature of the MG-1 is the accuracy. Dimensions as tight as 1/64" are easily attainable. Notice that the locking knob is located on the bottom of the tool. This simple design creates a tool which is comfortable, and a joy to hold and use.

The 3-3/4" long fence, combined with the contoured top, allows for dead certain registration with your lumber. Both faces of the MG-1 fence are inset worth #360 brass alloy wear plates. Marking capacity is a generous 7-1/2 inches. This is definitely an heirloom tool which works great.

Original Price:$124.00


Since 1976, this square has been cherished by craftsmen and collectors alike and is the benchmark of the hand tool industry. The TS-2 Master Try Square is the largest of our family of fixed blade squares (8" from heel to toe) and the most popular size with our customers. It is the square you will most often reach for when working with full-sized material.

Original Price:$241.00


The actual cut is a razor crisp, consistently clean, readable mark in all woods and is comparable to a knife slice. To use the tool as a marking gauge, simply slide one stem back until the cutter is recessed into the fence (we've milled a bevel for this purpose). You can accurately set the cutter distance from the fence by using your pocket rule (of course we are partial to our SR-6 Pocket Rule...). One handy feature of the MG-2 is the accuracy. Dimensions as tight as 1/64th" are easily attainable. Notice the locking knobs are located on the bottom of the tool, this simple design creates a tool which is comfortable, and a joy to hold and use. The 5-1/2" long fence, combined with the contoured top, allows for dead certain registration with your lumber. It just works great.

For mortise and tenon layout, both stems are used. Let's say you need to make a 1/2" wide tenon. Measure and lock your first cutter (A small nylon pad buried in the fence prevents the brass locking screws from damaging the stems). Set the second cutter 1/2" away from the first. You will be delighted how easy this process is. Now check this out: by firmly grabbing the two stems on the back side of the fence, you can loosen both locking knobs and slide the fence into a new position without adjusting your original 1/2" setting! The maximum marking distance from the fence is a generous eight inches.

Both faces of the MG-2 fence are inset with 360 brass alloy wear plates. There is a reason. Certain layout conditions call for a reference line which is not scribed into your work, an erasable pencil mark is preferable. The MG-2 accepts a pencil in the far end of the stems, a handy and practical feature.

Original Price:$155.00

TB-1 | 5”T-BEVEL

The feel of this tool in the hand is magnificent and the function is ever nicer. The handle is wrapped in 1/16" brass. The knob is large enough to get a good grip on and threads into a sealed, dust proof nut, yet it will never interfere with the use of the tool. The blade is bushed in the handle so there is metal to metal contact when secured. The blade stays locked where you want it -- insuring utmost accuracy during the scribing and layout process. The TB-1 is designed in the tradition of the true T-bevels of yesterday. The blade is infinitely adjustable over a full 360 degrees. This tool is for all of the angles not available in fixed reference squares.

Original Price:$81.00


The TB-2 blade is hardened steel (Rockwell 54) and each blade is precision ground on both edges after the slot is punched out. The finish is satin chrome, which creates an extremely beautiful combination of materials, but you will never have to worry about it rusting or etching. Our unique friction locking mechanism employs two seated and knurled washers which bear against the blade when the knob is tightened. 

Original Price:$75.00


The ruler has only 1/16" and 1/32" graduations on each side.

Locate dead center on square stock 4-1/2" square.

Nothing else. One side reads left to right, the other side reads right to left. The end graduations are only on the 6" ends so that it does not clutter up the 1" ends. You can never have too many 6" rulers in the shop, but this one will be your favorite!

Original Price:$19.95


The steel is hardened, tempered and finished in satin chrome.

Original Price:$19.00


The SR-24 is a very precise, practical, and necessary tool for accurate large scale work.

Original Price:$42.00


It also works great for drawer pulls, and a host of non-shop chores such as photography, weaving, quilting, etc. The CR-18 Centering Rule is a must for serious craftspeople.

Original Price:$32.00


The DS-1 Dovetail Square at one end has a fixed 1:8 ratio for making dovetails in brittle wood such as hard maple, kiln dried cherry, rosewood etc. This ratio is considered by many as the most elegant of ratios for combining function with beauty. The other end is square. which allows you to draw the 90 degree lines which begin at each end of the dovetail lines and continue down to the scribed line which determines the shoulders.

In the past you needed a sliding T-bevel and a square to accomplish this task. Our new squares eliminate the need for either of these tools. The T-bevel is the weakling of this group, a wonderful tool yes, but a major thorn if you happen to accidentally knock it out of position or worse yet, not realize you have "adjusted" it until it is too late.

Original Price:$68.00


The DS-2 Dovetail Square is identical to the DS-1 but set at a ration of 6:1 ration. This angle is appropriate for all other hardwoods where extra strength is a consideration. This dovetail allows up to 2" in length.

Original Price:$68.00



The blade is 6 1/4" long. It is perfect for small scale work and is ideal for face frame or edge miters.

Original Price:$75.00


The SE-24 Precision Straight Edge is twenty-four inches of precision ground hardened steel. Its satin chrome plating prevents humidity and the natural acids in your hands from ruining the appearance and eventually the accuracy.

The SE-24 is the perfect tool for checking plane soles, sighting wear in machine castings, setting up jointers, spotting the wind in a plank, and a myriad of other uses.

This tool is a beautifully made, accurate (plus or minus .002") and dependable resource for the demanding craftsman. Every shop needs one and our SE-24 is an extraordinary buy!

Original Price:$39.99


The AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square is the first large square available to woodworkers which is both accurate and adjustable!

There is not on the market today a large square designed to meet the needs of the woodworker. The options include a framing square (awkward, designed for framing-not furniture making), and a large metalworking square. There is nothing wrong with the large metalworking squares available but they are expensive and to keep them nice you must wipe them with oil before storage (oil is no problem in a metal shop). Think of all the times you wished your squares were a little bit longer... The AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square fits this need. It is also the first large square available to woodworkers which is both accurate and adjustable!

The AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square consists of a blade, handle and a solid brass turned knob. The blade is 24" long, satin chrome plated, one and one-half inches wide by .080" thick. The handle is solid rosewood, faced with brass wear plates which are secured with an adhesive and flush set screws. The handle is fastened to the blade in a "T" formation (similar to a draftsman's T-square). This allows you to lay out lines from the extreme right of your stock to the extreme left without flipping the square over-this eliminates the problem if drawing converging lines which occurs from the error factor of all squares. Now here is the neat part. Simply turn the square over so the brass knob is up. At first glance the square appears exactly as it did seconds ago. Now loosen the knurled knob (which has a perfectly executed Brazilian kingwood inlay in the top), and you know have an adjustable square with a full 180 degrees if infinite adjustment. The fixed 90 degree handle is now on top. What this means is that if you set the blade at 60 degrees, this square will automatically provide the complementary angle of 30 degrees! You can adjust this square to any angle you want (we recommend using a protractor head), tighten the knob and the angle is firmly secured. Flip the tool over and you have the accurate (plus or minus .006" over 24") fixed 90. Flip it back and your previously set angle is raring to go. This is two squares simultaneously!

Original Price:$139.00


The MS-2 Master Miter Square is the largest of our family of miter squares and our most popular size. With a substantial 9-1/2" blade length, it is as inviting to hold as it is to use. Every shop needs an accurate reference for 45° and you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Original Price:$89.00


The TS-3 Double Square is a tool designed to check the edges of cut stock. It fits your apron pocket and is very handy for use at machine locations. When checking a machined edge for squareness from the power saws or the jointer, most of the blade on traditional try squares in unused. The balanced feel of the TS-3 makes it ideal for laying out lines on the end of stock.

In addition, the TS-3 is a favorite square to get into those tight places which are impossible or impractical with any other square -- like checking the shoulders of a mortise and tenon. Once you have used this square, you will wonder how you previously got along without it.

Original Price:$68.00


Matching a square to the job is an important aspect of craftsmanship. It is particularly appreciated by those who do box work or make case goods and drawers.

Whether you're checking a drawer for squareness or the accuracy of your table saw blade, the TS-1 Jointmaker's Try Square is the perfect small square for the job. It measures 5" from heel to toe and fits in your apron pocket! It is a perfect companion square to the TS-2. The TS-1 Jointmaker's Try Square is always a favorite gift for that special woodworker or friend.

Original Price:$68.00

SA-2 | Scratch Awl

The SA-2v2 Awl is our standard-length awlwith a long and fine, hardened steel point used for scribing lines in confinedspaces. This tool is also useful in many other situations where a thin shaftcan assist you in your intent. From leather working to starting screws in woodor sheetrock, this is the most common size awl.

Overall length is approximately 8 inchesand the handle is anodized aluminum. 

Original Price: $49.99