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TS-1v2/ TS-1.5v2/ TS-2v2-I/M Try Squares

TS-1v2/ TS-1.5v2/ TS-2v2(I/M)

Try Squares

TS-1v2TS-1.5v2TS-2v2 ImperialTS-2v2 Metric


Estimated Shipping Date: June 20 (TS-1v2)

Customer Reviews

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A.S. (Santa Rosa, US)
State of the art


P.S. (Lockport, US)

Quality workmanship! Use it all the time. Fits in the pocket of my work apron.
Bought it on sale, but shipping costs seemed higher than similar tools purchased for other vendors negating any savings on sale price.
I have had the same experience with other BridgeCity “sale” tools I purchased.

D.P. (Mount Juliet, US)

Quality workmanship and smart design

S.L. (Jackson, US)
CS-6v2/ CS-12v2

The Bridge City Combination Square is magnificent.
There are so many regular details that are elegantly made but really have no bearing on whether or not you can measure something but that's the mark of quality... unnecessary luxury. From the machining of the blade to the satin finish that you can write on to the edges of the blade that look sharp but are as smooth as silk then the design of the slider which even as far as the groove itself is different from all the rest. This squares blade slides effortlessly and easy the easiest to lock down all while having absolutely zero play. I couldn't be more impressed.

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s.c. (Piñon Hills, US)
What a trysquare should be.

If you are serious about accuracy in your wood work, start by getting one of these TS squares..

A.L. (Leander, US)
Upgrade that I needed

I recently purchased the try squares to help with my box making. It has been one of the best purchases I have made. The accuracy is dead on. They have helped me make better cuts and improved my layouts. I am impressed.

J. (Syracuse, US)
Ok tool. Very expensive return policy.

Purchased two squares and unfortunately for me the quality just didn’t match the cost. Boxes were very fancy…. Squares were ok. Decided to return but after the numerous fees and shipping costs it just wasn’t worth it. Just read the fine print on return policy before you purchase lots of return fees.