Meet The Team

Mark Strahler, President

Mark resides in Augusta, GA and is the head honcho for Harvey Industries and Bridge City Tool Works here in the USA. He was one of the founding members of Steel City Tool Works in 2005 and met John Economaki in the Delta Machinery booth in 1984. Our name, Harvey Industries, might be new to you but I assure you we are not new to the world of woodworking tool manufacturing. We are based in Nanjing, China and over the past 20 years we have been making well-known brand name machinery and tools for the North American market. We look forward to serving you and continuing the tradition that John started 35 years ago.

Hung Nguyen, Technical Services Manager

Born and raised in California, Hung's inspiration and role model has always been his father who went to trade school and became a machinist for over 30 years. Because of this, Hung has always been interested in figuring out "how things work". As a kid, it started with pulling apart little things (TV remote, dc motors, RC cars, old computers, etc). Nowadays, you can find Hung pulling apart Gyro Air dust collectors, T40 lathes, computers, cars, or anything that he can get his hands on. (The difference now is that he has to put it back together and make it work!) Hung has been working with Harvey Industries for about 5 years and is known to be "the fix-it guy". Usually, you'll find him hidden somewhere in the warehouse or buried under a machine. He is also responsible for fulfilling orders, so you definitely will be speaking to him in the near future about any logistics or technical service-related questions.