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HG-4 Honing Guide

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HG-4 Honing Guide 

With the traditional “A-Frame” design that lets the user adjust the cutting edge by turning the thumbscrew in the back, our HG-4 Honing Guide is one of the most precise and easily adjustable Honing Guides on the market. Simply square the edge of the plane iron or chisel with the sliding "T-Square", extend the iron out to your sharpening stone, and tighten the clamp knob. You are now ready to fine tune the angle with the rear micro adjustment knob. 

A few easy steps will give you accurate and repeatable results

Using the Set-Up Gauge (now included as part of the HG-4 package) with the Honing Guide gives you the same angle every time you sharpen. The Set Up gauge comes marked with 20, 25, 30, and 35 degree angles. Once the blade is clamped into the HG-4 to an angle close to what you want on the Set-Up Gauge, you can fine tune the angle using the precise rear knob. Check the squareness of the cutting edge with the built-in T-square. Now you can smoothly sharpen your blade through all of the grits you need. If you desire a micro-bevel on the edge, simply turn the rear wheel. No other blade adjustments necessary. One revolution of the knob adjusts the blade angle just under 1 degree. The HG-1 will handle irons up to 2-3/4" wide (70mm).