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JS-7 240mm Adjustable Back Saw

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Our JS-7 Adjustable-Depth Dozuki Saw is two saws in one and each precisely restricts depth of cut. One side features sixteen teeth per inch, and the other twenty-four teeth. (In comparison, our JS-1 Dozuki is a 32 TPI saw.) This combination will work in all hardwoods and softwoods, and makes laser-straight cuts. The body is .25mm thick (.0115"), the kerf width for both sides is approximately 0.5mm (0.020") and the maximum depth of cut is 1- 11/16".

Setting the JS-7 cutting depth is a snap (the hex key is conveniently stored in the rear of the handle) and depth of cut is indicated on the saw body by a 32nds scale for either tooth configuration. With no possible way to foul the depth of cut, our JS-7 Adjustable-Depth Dozuki Saw encourages a full “pull stroke” making sawing more efficient and much faster. We believe you will find the JS-7 at least twice as fast than any other saw for repeatable cuts.